Twice a climber. And a skimo racer.
Canadian National Development Team
Coach at Uphill Athlete

Skimo Racing

Since 2014, I’ve been skimo racing and studying endurance training under Scott Johnston. Using the Uphill Athlete method, I qualified for the Canadian National Development Team three times and competed at the 2019 World Championships.


Before skimo, I was a sponsored climber, supported by Black Diamond, SCARPA, Grivel, Metolius, Clif Bar, and Adidas Eyewear. But that was all before Instagram, so it’s hard to tell if it ever really happened…


I coach mountain sports* at Uphill Athlete. I’m a regular contributor to the UA website and the moderator of the UA forum.

* Mountain sports = climbing, ski mountaineering, mountain running, etc.


When I was climbing a lot, I wrote for several climbing journals and magazines: Alpinist, Climbing, Rock & Ice, Gripped, the Canadian Alpine Journal, and the American Alpine Journal.

At random intervals, I post what I’ve learned on my blog.