Once a climber. Now, a skimo racer.
Canadian National Development Team
Coach at Uphill Athlete

Since 2014, I’ve been skimo racing and studying endurance training under Scott Johnston. Using the Uphill Athlete method, I qualified for the Canadian National Development Team and competed at the 2019 World Championships.

I don’t have a high VO2 max, a long history of endurance training, or youth on my side. But I’m usually the most obsessive and type-A. That’s an advantage that I’ve learned how to use.

Endurance training is complex–and no, HIIT training is not the answer–so I do a lot of testing and keep detailed notes as I go along.

Before skimo, I was a sponsored climber, supported by Black Diamond, SCARPA, Grivel, Metolius, Clif Bar, and Adidas Eyewear. But that was all before Instagram, so it’s hard to tell if it ever really happened…

I’m a regular contributor at Uphill Athlete, and I’ve written for several climbing journals and magazines: Alpinist, Climbing, Rock & Ice, Gripped, the Canadian Alpine Journal, and the American Alpine Journal.